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Special Edition – JH Advanced Markets Radio: Fiscal Cliff Discussion with Chris Morton (January 8, 2013)

January 8, 2013 Fiscal Cliff Discussion with Chris Morton In today’s re-air, join us as Randy Zipse, JD, CPA, the Senior Counsel and VP of JH Advanced Markets Group talks to Chris Morton, VP, Legislative Affairs with AALU about the fiscal cliff bill and what it means for you and your clients. Tune in […]

Comprehensive Benefit Program for Independent Agents

Independent agents and advisors who participate in our Scholarship Marketing program are now eligible to participate in one of the most comprehensive benefit programs ever offered to independent agents! Eligibility starts with as little as $36,000 of annual production, and includes Group Life and Disability Deferred compensation program Stock bonus plan Life Renewals on all […]

College Scholarship Marketing Mobile App

Our new exclusive Scholarship Marketing mobile app gives you everything you need to create proposals and quote cases! It includes: Program overview describing the rewards structure Proposal Creator including sample life rate calculator and rewards points calculator so you can show a client how the program would work for them List of participating schools New […]

Advanced Markets Radio: Florida’s Statute on Divorce with Jeff Baskies (December 18, 2012)

December 18, 2012 Florida’s Statute on Divorce with Jeff Baskies A new Florida law took place in July regarding beneficiary designations on life insurance policies, annuities, IRAs, 401(k)s and other employee benefit plans. The statute makes clear that upon divorce, an ex-spouse is to be treated as predeceased for purposes of most non-probate assets. […]

Coming Soon – the “Pick Yourself Up Off The Floor Test(TM)” for life underwriting!

Simple sitting test may determine your mortality Araujo and his colleagues looked at more than 2,000 middle-aged men and women in 2002. He followed up with them approximately six years later, or until their date of death. Before the test, Araujo gave the subjects simple instructions. “Without worrying about the speed of movement, try to […]

Big Tax Changes Are in the Wind

Spousal Lifetime Access Trust Consumer Brochure

End of Year Sales Opportunities – Federal Transfer Tax Chaos, Part 12

Need help getting that big case pushed through by year end? Call Creekmore today at 800-359-5102 and ask for Matt or John!  

Valuable Lessons on Long-Term Care Planning

valuable lessons in ltc planning.pdf

Another Tax Court Case on Policy Loans Resulting In Taxable Income

This month’s Central Intelligence has an article on yet another tax court ruling involving a life insurance policy lapsing with an outstanding policy loan. In this case, like many of the previous ones, a policyowner stopped paying premiums and his policy was kept inforce by automatic premium loans. The continued loan payments and capitalized interest […]

Commodity Index UL Webinar – Gold, Oil, Silver, Natural Gas

Are your clients worried about inflation and diversification? Are you having trouble making the jump from Guaranteed UL to Indexed UL? Join us Thursday, November 29th at 11AM EST for a 25-minute webinar that will change your perspective on indexed life products. Learn how you can Help clients hedge against inflation Protect their assets against […]

5 counterintuitive client appreciation tips | LifeHealthPro

The October 1 issue of Life Insurance Selling provided a lesson in client appreciation. Some advice may seem counter-intuitive, particularly the five DON’Ts repeated below. Today we’ll delve deeper and apply the classic wisdom of Dale Carnegie, author of How to Win Friends and Influence People. When hosting client appreciation events … 1. DON’T talk […]

IUL Distributions – Participating vs Fixed Loans – Get the whole story in 20 minutes

Advisors Selling IUL With Participating Loans Beware

Amazingly this issue keeps appearing in tax court cases. Most of the policies in question are whole life, because it usually takes ten or twenty years for the deferred income tax liability to build to the point where it is substantial. The underlying cause is deceptively simple: capitalized policy loan interest does not increase cost […]

Met Life Underwriting Updates – Dysplatic Nevi and Melanoma