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Strategies of Successful Agents and Advisors

This month’s Insurance News Net magazine has a great article from Dan Seidman on the power of a positive attitude. What activities during your day are absolute losers? Perhaps you’re doing paperwork during time when you can be accessing potential clients… Remove from your day the activities that result in a “You can never win.” […]

Educational Resources to Help Producers Assist Baby Boomer Clients

With so many baby boomers retiring, it is imperative that producers are prepared to answer clients’ benefits questions for the next stage. These reference guides from The National Underwriter Company provide up-to-date answers to hundreds of benefits questions, including Social Security, Medicare, Long Term Care and Qualified Plans. • 2012 Social Security & Medicare Facts […]

Met Life – “A New Look on Life” Marketing Kit

Indexed Universal Life – “Things Are Looking Up”

Learn How SUL Skip Pay Plans Work In Two Minutes

Questions, comments, or want to have a real case quoted? Call me at 800-359-5102 x 354 or email – Matt Unable to display content. Adobe Flash is required.

The Perfect Ice Breaker

At public (state) institutions, financial aid is still primarily based on a determination of “need” that is derived from the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form. Exceptions include athletic scholarships, small honors programs and, sometimes, the “best” out-of-state students are offered the in-state rate. Many private colleges and universities now offer “merit aid” […]

Android Tablet Giveaway Extended

Due to popular demand, our Android Tablet Giveaway has been extended! Place $10k of life target premium from 6/1/12 to 9/30/12 to get your FREE Android tablet computer. Click here or call 800-359-5102 x 354 for details.

College Scholarship Marketing Program – FREE for Creekmore independent agents and advisors

Available to independent agents and advisors affiliated with Creekmore AT NO COST Your clients can receive: 500-Point Scholarship ($500 value) – just for meeting with you to discuss how to save for college and protect their family 4,500-Point Additional Scholarship ($4,500 value)  – if they buy a qualifying product 2,000 in Scholarship Points ($2,000 value) […]

Broker Sales Ideas

These pieces provide the brokers with sales ideas, sales concepts, and product solutions they can use with their clients. Help Your Clients Commit to Life with VUL Protector Help Your Clients Commit to Life with ROP Term Help Your Clients Commit to Life with UL Protector It’s Time to Place With Pru Why Should You […]

Life Insurance Sales Training Tools

These materials cover a wide spectrum of topics that support Insurance sales. These materials cover from the most complex advanced marketing topics to the basic fundamental’s of “how to sell insurance” and tools that make selling easier. Annotated Xpress Quickform Guide Prospecting Tools for Success RX for Success – Individual Inquiry Offers Prepare for your […]

Life Insurance Sales Training Brainshark Presentations

Short presentations discussing various advanced marketing concepts that can be used to generate sales ideas. Each Brainshark briefly explains the concept and provides information needed to help determine if the concept may be appropriate for a specific client. Baby Shark: Data Mining for Life Business Baby Shark: ROP Term Market and Sales Ideas Baby Shark: […]

Consumer Ice Breakers

These pieces are “ice breakers” to help make it easier for the brokers to explain and for their clients to understand the importance and the need for Insurance during any time (even now). Bridging the Financial Gap Consumer Brochure Certainty of Life Consumer Brochure Life Insurance and Divorce Planning Twelve Life Insurance Mistakes

Why Sell Life Insurance?


What’s Your Clients Timeline for Insurance Coverage?


2012 Lifetime Gifting Consumer Brochure