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5 counterintuitive client appreciation tips | LifeHealthPro

The October 1 issue of Life Insurance Selling provided a lesson in client appreciation. Some advice may seem counter-intuitive, particularly the five DON’Ts repeated below. Today we’ll delve deeper and apply the classic wisdom of Dale Carnegie, author of How to Win Friends and Influence People. When hosting client appreciation events … 1. DON’T talk […]

IUL Distributions – Participating vs Fixed Loans – Get the whole story in 20 minutes

Advisors Selling IUL With Participating Loans Beware

Amazingly this issue keeps appearing in tax court cases. Most of the policies in question are whole life, because it usually takes ten or twenty years for the deferred income tax liability to build to the point where it is substantial. The underlying cause is deceptively simple: capitalized policy loan interest does not increase cost […]

Met Life Underwriting Updates – Dysplatic Nevi and Melanoma

Financial Aid Guide for Financial Advisors

Become an instant expert in the financial aid process! This guide helps you help your clients plan for college funding. 10 – For Advisors – Financial Aid 101.pdf

Two Minute Drill – 15% IRR on Death Benefit

This Two Minute Drill video shows how to get a 15% Internal Rate of Return on death benefit for a couple age 85! The initial premium commitment over the first eight policy years is only 14% of the death benefit, AND the net internal rate of return at joint life expectancy is over 15% (over […]

Ideas to Finish 2012 Strong

Finish 2012 strong with these sales ideas from Axa Equitable!  #1 Life Insurance in a Qualified Plan #2 Diversifying Concentrated Stock Positions #3 Projected Inheritance Underwriting #4 Use RMD’s to Fund Life Insurance    

Zurich: Hypertension + Controlled By Medication = Preferred Best Underwriting!

CHALLENGE Your client is taking a prescription drug to control blood pressure, but will only consider life insurance if the best rate classification is available. SOLUTION Zurich American Life Insurance Company (“Zurich”) WILL consider your clients taking medication to control their blood pressure for our BEST risk classification. We believe that individuals who are proactive […]

Indexed UL with Gold, Silver, Oil, Natural Gas, Ag Commodities, Industrial Metals, Precious Metals

We now offer indexed universal life products that include a commodities indexes, including: Gold Oil Natural Gas Silver Agricultural Commodities Industrial Metals Precious Metals Offer your clients the ultimate tax-advantaged inflation hedge! Contact us today at 800-359-5102 x 354 or email   cforms contact form by delicious:days

Client Guide to Non-Citizen Resident Estate and Gift Planning

This client-ready booklet gives an overview of estate and gift taxation for non-citizens who are resident in the United States. If you have questions or would like to discuss a client situation, contact us at 800-359-5102 x 354. 18230.pdf

Mobilize Your Pracice with the Life Agents Mobile Office!

Creekmore Insurance Group gives you FREE tools to virtualize your insurance practice. Quote a case from anywhere – in the car, an elevator, or while you’re sitting by the pool! Look up medical impairments in our mobile underwriting manual, or do a quick personal insurance needs analysis calculation. You can even check the status of […]

Life Agents Mobile Office 2.0 now for iPad and iPhone!

Life Agents Mobile Office brings IOS devices into the fast lane! Click here to see the app in iTunes This app is fast, lightweight, and packed full of features exclusively for independent agents and financial advisors. Term and Universal Life Quoter Life insurance underwriting library covering 100+ medical impairments Needs Analysis – including survivor needs […]

John Hancock’s LTC Rider Seller’s Guide – All the answers in ONE PLACE!

LTC Rider Seller Guide.pdf

Health Care Reform for Producers in Three Minutes

New video on the AGL You Tube channel addresses key points for producers regarding health care reform. Learn how health exchanges and medical loss ratios may impact pricing of health insurance, discover new opportunities for business growth, hear alternatives to protect commissions and how to help consumers mitigate high out of pocket expenses and deductibles.

Meet the BOSS – MetLife’s new proprietary insurance selling system

This BOSS is here! MetLife’s proprietary insurance selling system, the Business Owner Strategic Solutions, can help you succeed with business owners. The Opportunity Research shows that small business owners are sizeable in number, significantly underinsured and may be in a better financial position to act than traditionally employed individuals. The opportunities in this market are […]