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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Creekmore Insurance Group. Our offices will be close at 1PM Eastern on Wednesday, November 27th, and we will reopen at 8:30AM on Monday, December 2nd.  We hope your Thanskgiving and all the days ahead are filled with happiness, peace, and prosperity. Warmest Regards, The Creekmore Team

Advanced Markets Minute – The Million Dollar Mistake

Introducing the Advanced Markets Minute with Stephen Alloy. Today’s article is called The Million Dollar Legacy Mistake  Maybe you have worked with a couple like this: the husband died and the wife, age 65, was the beneficiary of a $1 million life insurance policy. She wanted to take these assets and protect them for children and […]

Turn 50k into 104k in Ten Minutes

Announcing Zurich Term – $20m Fresh Capacity, Competitive Rates, Great Underwriting and Converts to IUL

Zurich just changed the term insurance landscape with a new highly competitive product that expands the reach of their $20m retention, bringing fresh capacity to jumbo term cases along with competitive underwriting and great service. Best of all, this product converts to any Zurich permanent product, including Survivor Index UL (see the agent guide for […]

Advanced Markets Radio: Trustworthy Selling in the Advanced Markets

Visit our John Hancock Advanced Markets Radio (JHAM Radio) microsite to listen to radio broadcasts featuring interviews with industry experts on planning concepts and current events. Topics discussed include estate planning, business planning, charitable planning, and more. Don’t miss the most recent broadcast! Click here to listen.Topic: Trustworthy Selling in the Advanced Markets According to […]

Liberty Life Sales Pack – Five videos that can change your practice

Meet Mary, the CD owner looking to leave more behind Meet Greg and Marilyn, the RMD transfer prospects looking to leave their current fund income tax-free to their survivors Meet Ben and Betty, the LTC alternative prospects looking to allow access for qualifying future medical needs Meet Walter and Donna, the medically concerned grandparents who […]

Pru – New Older Age Underwriting Requirements – Measures Against Fraud and STOLI

Automation of Older Age Underwriting Requirements Effective October 7, 2013, the Senior Assessment Exam and Financial Underwriting Requirements for applicants over the age of 70 will be fully automated. The changes, which were introduced in October of 2012, were put into place to help protect seniors and the Company against fraudulent activities, including STOLI business. […]

ANICO – Underwriting Update – Sleep Apnea, Mild Situational Depression, Adult ADD, and more

  American National’sUnderwriting Strengths Preferred Plus Cigar/Smokeless Tobacco Occasional cigar and smokeless tobacco users. (Two times a month or less and negative specimen.) Preferred Sleep Apnea Individuals with this condition who are well-controlled, compliant with treatment, and have other favorable risk factors can be considered for preferred rates. Mild Situational Depression or Anxiety Mild situational […]

Cholesterol Underwriting Update – Controlled by Meds Could Be Best Class

Have you heard about Zurich’s new underwriting enhancements? .WHAT’S NEW IN UNDERWRITING? Cholesterol guidelines now have TWO age brackets for Preferred Best and Preferred Alternative result at the younger ages allows more flexibility in qualifying for a particular class WHAT ARE THE SPECIFICS OF THE CHOLESTEROL PARAMETER CHANGES? Age brackets are to age 50 and […]

Grow Your Practice with the Women & Multicultural Consumers Kit

Expand Your Markets with the Business Development eKit Women & Multicultural Consumers: The opportunity you can’t ignore Women and multicultural consumers are generally eager for a financial professional to approach them. As the buying power and household income of multicultural consumers continue to rise, the need for financial services will continue to grow. You can […]

Advanced Markets News – September 2013

  September is Life Insurance Awareness Month According to LIMRA Facts of Life 2013, life insurance ownership/coverage remains low: 30% of U.S. households have no life insurance at all; only 44% have individual life insurance. 50% of U.S. households (58 million) say they need more life insurance. The average amount of coverage for U.S. adults […]

John Hancock – New IUL Sales Toolkit

JOHN HANCOCK’S NEW INDEXED UL MICROSITE A Simple but Powerful Sales Tool! Find out why you should add John Hancock’s Indexed UL to your book of business Easily determine the best Indexed UL product for your clients’ needs with the Product Selector Tool Uncover sales opportunities through comprehensive case studies Access all the tools […]

No Lapse UL Price Reduction – GUL Rates Dropping As Much As 20%!

Effective September 30th, certain Guaranteed UL rates are dropping as much as 20% The fourth quarter product landscape is shaping up with a substantial NLG rate reduction in the pipeline.  This announcement is huge any way you slice it: Depending on the age, amount, and premium structure, guaranteed UL rate decreases can be as good […]

Prudential – Underwriting Field Guide

Click here to view the document online, or download UW Overview.pdf. Embedded Document

John Hancock – Policy Service Documents Will No Longer Be Mailed to Producers – Effective 1/2014

Take Advantage of eDocuments Today! Available exclusively to JH SalesNet-registered producers, our eDocuments service offers fast, secure online access to clients’ key policy documents for IUL and many VUL products, with most Term and UL products targeted to be added early Q4. Please encourage non-registered producers to take advantage of this service by visiting the […]