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Quick Underwriting Assessments for Common Conditions

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AXA – New Industry Leading Guidelines for Cholesterol and Build

Axa has introduced new industry-leading guidelines for Cholesterol and Build parameters which expand your client’s opportunities to qualify for a better underwriting class. View the case study to see how this client’s build and cholesterol combination would previously have limited him to a Standard rating. For a FAST assessment of your build or cholesterol case, […]

Use Life Insurance to Continue a Business

The Need: Your business-owner clients and prospects have a lot riding on their good health. A sudden death can be disastrous: Would their suppliers get paid? Would their employees stick around? What about their customers? And what about their family who relies on the income generated by the business? It might be difficult, if not […]

Marketing Kit – Sandwich Generation

Today, one in eight Americans between the ages of 40 and 60 find themselves caring for aging parents and dependent children while juggling a career and trying to save for retirement.These parents are often left feeling squeezed or “sandwiched” in the middle, both financially and emotionally. Life Insurance can bring some advantages to the table […]

Marketing Kit – Farmers and Ranchers

Farmers and ranchers are a breed apart. With constant uncertainties and very little in the way of a safety net, working the land is both tough and risky. Of the over 2 million farms in the United States, 96 percent are family farms. Most farmers and ranchers see their work as more than just a […]

Marketing Kit – Divorce

Almost half of all first marriages in this country end in divorce. For second marriages, the rate is 65 percent, and it only goes up from there. Those numbers equate to about 4–5 percent of all marriages ending every year. At any given time, a large number of people are trying to put together the […]

Marketing Kit – Boomer Business Owners

According to the Small Business Administration, 5 million of today’s small businesses are owned by Baby Boomers who are now 55 or older. With many more Boomer business owners following on their heels, business succession will inevitably touch each of their lives. Planning for the transition of the business is the best way to ensure […]

Marketing Kit – Business Owners Under 45

To thirty- or forty-something business clients, retirement probably seems like a long, long way away. And succession planning? It’s not even on their radar. But the earlier these business owners begin with succession planning and retirement planning, the stronger their results are likely to be. So whether they’re planning for retirement or hedging against the […]

Axa – Underwriting Update – Find out what sets AXA apart from the competition!

This new presentation highlights Axa’s underwriting strengths and advantages, and includes case studies of their most popular niches and programs. Trouble viewing this document? Click here to view online or download.Embedded Document

Prudential Offers Robust Online Training Tools for Producers

Pru’s training tools are perfect for new producers eager to learn, and veteran producers looking to brush up on their product & concept knowledge. Contact your representative at Creekmore to get access to all of these tools and more!  Trouble viewing this document? Click here to view online or download.Embedded Document

Client Ready IUL Video to Help Build Your Business

Life insurance can be more than just a death benefit. Show your agents how they can build their business with the competitive advantages of indexed universal life insurance — from protection to tax-advantaged growth and income potential and more.

Introducing “Orange Money”

The new “Orange Money” ING ad campaign demonstrates how making smart financial choices today can lead to being better prepared for the future. It addresses consumers’ desire to gain more control over their financial lives. The campaign launches to the public on Thursday, but here’s an advertising sneak peek:

Live with Advanced Markets – Life Insurance in Qualified Plans – 3/19 1PM

Live! with Advanced Markets is a series of monthly webinars focused on planning strategies using AXA Equitable products. Join us March 19 for a webinar on Dollars and Sense: Using Qualified Plans to Buy Life Insurance. Trouble viewing this document? Click here to view online or download.Embedded Document

Sleep Apnea – Aggressive Underwriting Moves Table C to Best Class

See how a client with Sleep Apnea was originally assessed a Table C rating, yet was subsequently approved with a Preferred Elite rating by AXA Equitable. For fast help with your next sleep apnea case, call the life underwriting experts at Creekmore Insurance Group – 800-359-5102. Trouble viewing this document? Click here to view online […]

Treasury Indexed UL Webinar – Thursday 3/14 3:30PM ET

Learn about the latest innovation in indexed UL. Expenses and cost of insurance charges are guaranteed Cap and participation rate are guaranteed Innovative indexing strategy linked to 10-year Treasury yields This product takes the guesswork and “Just Trust Us” out of IUL. The only moving part is the underlying index! Index crediting goes up when […]