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One Minute Trainer – Using Dividends to Pay Premiums

Show Clients how the dividends from their whole life policy can be used to pay premiums… Meet Anthony, a 40-year-old dentist who knows the importance of life insurance. When discussing his life insurance needs with his financial professional, Anthony mentioned he plans on retiring by age 60, does not want to pay premiums during retirement, […]

No ifs, ands or butts – great underwritnig for clients who like cigars

Click here to view the document online, or download UW-TOBAC-FLI001_Z02_VIEW.pdf. Embedded Document

Underwriting with the “WOW” Factor

Going above and beyond to get you back to business • Dedicated underwriting teams that really know your business • Competitive preferred and preferred plus guidelines – even for those with certain types of cancers and diabetes • Table reduction program available up to age 70 to $10 million • Large-case know-how, foreign coverage and […]

Great Life Insurance Rates For Cigar Lovers

Lincoln smokes the competition Even if you just enjoy a cigar or pipe, many life insurance companies will consider you a regular smoker, and that can drive your rates through the roof. That is not the case with Lincoln. You’ll get consideration for life insurance coverage as a nonsmoker if you • Have not used […]

Marketing Kit – Work with lenders to offer business loan protection

  Work with Financial Institutions in Four Easy Steps Build a pipeline for business loan protection1 sales by creating referral arrangements with financial institutions. STEP 1. Learn about the market and business loan protection (JJ1975).STEP 2. Find lenders in your area at: 3. Approach lenders with these tools: Letter (DI2409) or email (DI8255) Phone script […]

Axa – Add LTC Services Rider on Term Conversions – Limited Time Opportunity

AXA has introduced a limited time conversion opportunity to add their Long-Term Care Services Rider (LTCSR) to the new permanent contract with limited underwriting. This six month window provides producers the opportunity to monetize one of their greatest assets – their book of business – by discussing the need for Long-Term Care and either converting […]

Transamerica – Dedicated International Underwriting Team

Transamerica’s international underwriting team has expertise in the nuances of the global market and extensive experience in large cases. Click here to view the document online, or download ola-18711.pdf. Embedded Document Click here to view the document online, or download OLA_2158_Foreign_ational_Underwriting_Risk_Classes_By_Country_Producer_Chart.pdf. Embedded Document

Transamerica – Retention and Reinsurance Increase

Transamerica Life Insurance Company and Transamerica Financial Life Insurance Company have increased their retention and auto-issue limits to provide more capacity on your high face amount cases. Key changes include: • The addition of $45M of reinsurance capacity for survivorship cases. • Increased retention from $10 to $15 million for both single life and survivorship […]

A World of Opportunity – Marketing to Foreign Nationals

Foreign Nationals are a growing demographic who may unknowingly face potential tax exposure. Help clients preserve assets and minimize transfer taxes. Click here to view the document online, or download ola-2230-foreignnationalsstrategysummary.pdf. Embedded Document Click here to view the document online, or download ola-1600.pdf. Embedded Document

Principal Accelerated Underwriting Program

There has been an avalanche of email traffic regarding a “new, exclusive product available to only four general agencies in the country” that has: A maximum face amount of $1MM No exam, no blood, no urinalysis, and no medical records Policy issue in two days Commissions paid immediately Just one small problem – that “program” […]

What rate should I illustrate for IUL?

Refer to history to create a level playing field when illustrating and comparing indexed universal life products. Use this updated Historical Percentile Rate guide. Click here to view the document online, or download 160849.pdf. Embedded Document

Zurich Revises Non-Obstructive Coronary Artery Disease Guidelines

WHAT’s NEW? We have extended the age range to qualify for Standard on a client diagnosed with non-obstructive coronary artery disease and improved others. WHAT IS NON-OBSTRUCTIVE CORONARY ARTERY DISEASE? Exclusive of left main disease, it means the three principal coronary arteries (LAD, CX and RCA) are stenosed less than 50%. BACKGROUND Typically, many underwriting […]

A Breakthrough in No Lapse Guarantees

Lincoln Treasury Indexed UL is the innovative policy that earns credits if the 10-year Treasury yield rises.1 Clients can use these credits to extend their guarantee, reduce their out-of-pocket premiums, or receive a cash payment. And there are more great advantages • Clients get guaranteed credits in the first five years. • Afterward, they earn […]

Five opportunities to use Lincoln Treasury Indexed UL

If you have clients ages 35–65 who want affordable guaranteed protection and would like to capture the potential of rising 10-year Treasury yields,* recommend Lincoln Treasury Indexed UL. It’s the innovative indexed universal life policy with only one nonguaranteed component — the 10-year Treasury yield. Recommend Lincoln Treasury Indexed UL for: Clients with estate tax […]

Life Insurance as an Asset Class

In times of economic uncertainty, many individuals turn to life insurance to help stabilize their investment portfolios. When used as an estate-planning tool, the life insurance policy’s proceeds will often yield a more competitive rate of return compared to legacy assets held in a taxable investment. Click here to view the document online, or download […]