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Prudential – Asset Protection Plus Sales Strategy

Asset Protection+ is a simple and effective strategy that can help clients preserve and potentially enhance their legacies by repositioning those assets they do not expect to need during life (their legacy assets) to fund a life insurance policy. Contact your Creekmore rep at 800-359-5102 to get started using Asset Protection+ today. Click here to […]

Make 2014 Your Breakout Year! January Webinar Series Continues Wednesday

Adding a five minute conversation to your client meetings can give you a “13th month” of production with almost no effort. This webinar will teach you the five minute “napkin story” that moves clients to immediate action. how an insurance transaction can be DONE in ten minutes (not 90 days), and why a lifetime money-back guarantee means […]

Lincoln Special Term Exchange Program – Swap clients into a policy that gets better when interest rates rise!

  For agent or broker use only. Not for use with the public. January 30, 2014 1:30 p.m. ET Contact your Creekmore representative to register for the call. (800) 350 – 5102 January 2014 New Sales for the New Year! LINCOLN SPECIAL EXCHANGE PROGRAM External term to perm with Lincoln Treasury Indexed UL Act now […]

MOO – Life Underwriting and Jumbo Limit Enhancements

  Effective immediately, we’ve enhanced our Jumbo Limits and Underwriting Criteria Guidelines! Jumbo Limit Increase Jumbo limits have increased from $50,000,000 to $65,000,000 for ages 18-80. Underwriting Criteria Enhancements Preferred Plus Family History for death of a parent or sibling has been reduced from age 65 to age 60. Family History for Preferred Plus no longer […]

MOO – Major Underwriting Enhancements for 2014

Mutual of Omaha is serious about competing for your business in 2014. In the first of three major enhancements to the underwriting experience, Mutual of Omaha has increased their Jumbo Limit from $50MM to $65MM. They also announced the following improvements to the Preferred Underwriting Criteria for both term and permanent business: Time without nicotine […]

AXA LTC Services Rider now available in Florida

Now Available! New Long-Term Care ServicesSM Rider for Florida1 AXA Equitable is pleased to announce that the Long-Term Care Services RiderSM (LTCSR) will be available for sale with Incentive Life (IL) Optimizer® II, IL Legacy® II, Athena Universal Life (UL)SM Series 152 and Athena Indexed Universal Life (IUL)SM Series 153 policies issued in Florida, effective […]

Unstacked Underwriting – Better offers for clients with multiple impairments

Zurich does NOT stack unrelated medical impairments! CHALLENGE Obtaining the best offer on a client with more than one medical impairment. SOLUTION At Zurich American Life Insurance Company of New York and Zurich American Life Insurance Company (collectively “Zurich”), we do not total debits for unrelated medical issues. We simply take the highest rating and […]

Prudential Life News – Year End Deadlines, Product Updates, New Founders Plus UL

LIFE NEWS REPORTER   |  DECEMBER 2013 New/Updated Marketing Expired Marketing Important Information State Approvals WHAT’S IN THIS ISSUE? Reminder – Year End Product Transition Dates PruLife® UL Protector with BenefitAccess Rider – in NY! And other state approvals Available Next Month! PruLife® Founders Plus UL California: Temporary Suspension of Waiver of Premium Benefits Important Inforce Illustration […]

ANICO – Real IUL Returns – 10.04% annual over the past three years

    New Interest Crediting Brochure • Hypothetical ANICO IUL movement based on the S&P 500® since 1983 • Historical monthly segment interest rates credited 10.04% was the average indexed interest rate credited to ANICO IUL annual point to point segments that began between 9/1/09 and 12/1/12. Past performance of the index is no guarantee […]

Prudential – Civilian Aviation Rating Schedule

Ever wonder how underwriting looks at private pilots, student pilots, commercial and charter pilots? This helpful guide covers it all! Click here to view the document online, or download 0183124_Civilian_Aviation_FINALCopy.pdf. Embedded Document

Foreign National Underwriting – Updated for 2014 and Beyond

Transamerica’s long-anticipated, improved foreign nationals underwriting guidelines and updated country codes have arrived. After a comprehensive review, we’ve updated all our underwriting materials to make it easier for you to make valuable insurance coverage available to the growing foreign nationals market. Both resident and non-resident foreign nationals are addressed in the materials. The U.S. resident […]

Breast cancer offers without the Flat Extra

CHALLENGE Having a client with a rated breast cancer history paying pricey flat extra premiums. SOLUTION  At Zurich American Life Insurance Company of New York and Zurich American Life Insurance Company (collectively “Zurich”), we can help. As a result of earlier detection and more effective treatment methods, more breast cancer survivors are insurable. Competitive offers […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Creekmore Insurance Group. Our offices will be close at 1PM Eastern on Wednesday, November 27th, and we will reopen at 8:30AM on Monday, December 2nd.  We hope your Thanskgiving and all the days ahead are filled with happiness, peace, and prosperity. Warmest Regards, The Creekmore Team

Advanced Markets Minute – The Million Dollar Mistake

Introducing the Advanced Markets Minute with Stephen Alloy. Today’s article is called The Million Dollar Legacy Mistake  Maybe you have worked with a couple like this: the husband died and the wife, age 65, was the beneficiary of a $1 million life insurance policy. She wanted to take these assets and protect them for children and […]

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