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Practice Building with Chronic Illness Riders – Marketing Kit

This marketing kit contains materials used in the Practice Building with Chronic Illness Riders webinar. Materials in the kit include client brochures, sample prospecting letters, a product comparison showing all of the top carriers offering hybrid life insurance products, sample illustrations, and white papers. For more information or to have a case quoted, contact the […]

Distracted Driving: May We Have Your Full Attention for a Moment?

April Is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month Some Research: According to the Center for Disease Control, each day in the United States, more than nine people are killed and more than 1,153…. Continue reading Distracted Driving: May We Have Your Full Attention for a Moment?

Is Dementia Just Gradually Slowing Down?

Dementia is associated with growing old and has a devastating impact on individuals’ capacity to self-care. The organization Alzheimer’s Disease International projects there will be more…. Continue reading Is Dementia Just Gradually Slowing Down?

Lincoln Benefit Life Legacy Secure Closing to Term Conversions

Changes to the conversion privilege on inforce Lincoln Benefit Life policies highlights the need for financial advisors to conduct regular policy reviews. Lincoln Benefit Life’s Legacy Secure UL will no longer be available for term conversions after May 1, 2015. Key Dates and Transition Rules Please take note of the following transition rules and important dates: […]

Negative Interest Rates – The Perfect Financial Storm

Negative interest rates could create a perfect financial storm for the insurance industry, simultaneously putting investment returns and underwriting adequacy under unsustainable pressure. Compoundi…. Continue reading Negative Interest Rates – The Perfect Financial Storm

HIV testing no longer routinely required for life insurance underwriting

Effective March 15, 2015 Urine HIV testing will no longer be routinely required at ages 18 and older when the total amount inforce and applied for within 12 months is $50,001-$99,999 in the following jurisdictions: DC, DE, FL, GA, MD, NJ, NY, PR and SC. Additionally, urine specimens obtained without a full blood specimen will no […]

Introducing John Hancock Vitality

Free Fitbit and rewards for healthy lifestyles from John Hancock Vitality John Hancock Insurance is launching a whole new approach to life insurance in the U.S. One that helps customers protect their loved ones in the years to come, while supporting and rewarding what they do today to live a longer, healthier life. It’s a new life insurance […]

John Hancock FitBit Linked “Product X” Is Here

Very early this morning, John Hancock announced the release of Product X, which will reward inforce policyholders for activities that reduce the likehood of life insurance claims. New policyholders will receive a John Hancock FitBit that relays health data to the company on an ongoing basis, so that customers can be rewarded for healthy behavior. […]

90% Approval Rate at the Best Underwriting Class

Are you tired of normal underwriting that takes week or months, and leaves you with Standard offers when you need Preferred, or Preferred offers when you need Best Class? You and your clients deserve better! Ask us about the Enhanced Rate Plus underwriting program that delivers BEST CLASS offers in FIVE DAYS to 90% of clients eligible […]

New IUL Product Poised to Dominate Sales in 2015 – Zurich Protection Index UL

Zurich Protection Index UL is here, and is poised to dominate sales in 2015. This product has a “spreadsheetable” price that compares very favorably with all of the old industry leaders in death benefit protection sales situations. Unlike many other products which are designed to be competitive when they are illustrated at a certain interest rate or […]

MetLife Enhanced Rate Plus – Improve the Underwriting Time on Your Policy

    MetLife Enhanced Rate Plus could save you and your eligible clients weeks – as long as the process is followed. And the key to this process is the telephone interview. You can be sure your clients are in good hands when they speak to our experts for the interview. But before that happens, […]

Premium Finance Update – First Quarter 2015

The first quarter is almost over, and we’ve identified some emerging trends in the premium finance marketplace that elite advisors need to know about. Premium Finance Update – Lending Our preferred lending partner, First Insurance Funding, closed 2014 in record fashion, funding over $630MM of premium finance loans bring their loan portfolio to over $2.2 […]

Les taxis en difficulté

C’est encore de la faute des nouvelles technologies. Cette fois-ci, elles s’attaquent au secteur des taxis traditionnels – et le mettent sens dessus dessous. Non, il ne s’agi…. Continue reading Les taxis en difficulté

Transfer Appreciated Assets to Heirs with an Intentionally Defective Grantor Trust

A sale to an Intentionally Defective Grantor Trust (IDGT) is a sophisticated estate planning strategy for wealthy clients who seek to transfer appreciated/appreciating assets to their heirs. Leverage our presentation, which discusses this market opportunity, when an IDGT may make sense, and how to incorporate with your clients. Additionally, our two consumer brochures demonstrate the […]

Death Benefit Guarantees and Premium Payment Volatility

by Nathan Flah In the 1990s Guaranteed Universal Life (GUL) policies came onto the scene and took the insurance industry by storm by the early 2000s. With comparatively low premiums, simple illustrations and a seemingly minimal amount of moving parts, clients naturally gravitated towards what appeared to be transparent “lifetime term” products. With GUL policies […]